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I Love FatWallet And I Cannot Lie

I am an online shopper.  I don’t know how families with multiple children do it but the one we have keeps us BUSY.  Too busy to squeeze in a trip to the mall and get more soap from Bath & Body Works that is desperately needed for our home or just to go get the pair of Nike Shox I have been wanting to get.  Other times I online shop just because Amazon carries the item at a much lower price than I can find it locally.  But like everything else in life, online shopping has some cons that go along with the pros of convenience.

The major negative value in online shopping for me is shipping and handling costs.  Mostly because I know from experience that a majority of those costs is from the handling side of it which entails someone pulling it off of a shelf, placing in the box, and sealing it up with tape.  I start to weigh out whether it is actually worth the time, gas, and schedule changes to get the item locally.  Then I start wondering how can I get the item(s) even cheaper to make up for the shipping and handling cost.  This is when I begin googling for online coupon codes to use.  (Who hasn’t done this? LOL)  Well one lucky day months ago I hit my proverbial jackpot for online shopping:  FatWallet

FatWallet is a site that lists thousands of common shopping websites.  It keeps track of all the possible valid coupon codes out there for your use with those stores but that isn’t even the best part.  The best part is if you sign up for an account for FatWallet you can earn cash back on all the purchases you make from the stores it has listed on it’s site.  The cash back accumulates in your account over time until you decide you want to cash out.  When you opt to cash out they will either mail you a physical check to cash or deposit it into your Paypal account if you chose to link it.  Its that easy.

So ahead of buying anything I always look to see if this benefits my FatWallet account before purchasing.  The other day I was going to make a trip to Home Depot to buy a new hose and hose reel.  I went online to FatWallet, logged in, and saw Home Depot was listed as a cash back store at 2%.  I clicked the FatWallet link to also use a $5 coupon which brought me to the Home Depot website.  I selected my items, used my coupon code, opted to pick up my items from the store later that day to avoid shipping costs to my home, and earned $2.08 in my FatWallet account.  It may not seem like much but add that to the $9.00 I earned from Finish Line for my Nike Shox, $2.53 I earned from Shari’s Berries from Mother’s Day, $0.33 from Bath & Body Works, $4.50 from Sonic Electronix for car stereo equipment my sister-in-law asked I secretly help get for her as a gift to my brother, $1.03 from Best Buy, and $0.26 from eBay and now I have $19.73 in my account ready to be cashed out when I choose to.

FatWallet is completely safe to use and an easy way to get some of your money back.  They won’t send you junk, add you to lists, or sell your address.  I never recommend or sign up for services that use those practices (if I can help it).  I would say most of the stores you probably shop at are listed on the site.  I added the site on the logo for FatWallet for an easy link to sign up if you should so choose to.  If you’re unsure just click the link and select Cash Back Stores at the top left hand side just to peruse through the list.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  If you’re anything like me you love to save money and since we are all consumers why not do everything we can to get some of the money we spend back?  Hey, I like money.



New Years Resolution Thoughts??? How About Saving?

SaveI must first admit I saw this originally on Pinterest.  I am a secret Pinterest lover.  I have several hundreds likes and I refuse to post unless I actually tried the pin.  How can I ever tell people “Hey!  Try this!  It’s sinfully delicious!” if I have never tried it.  Perhaps I think too much about this but there is a method to my madness.  I can’t ever tell you to try this miracle secret cleaner on your house only to find out it stains your porous granite counter tops.  No no, not me.  (However I’m told I do think too much about it.  LOL)

Anywho I saw this sometime last year and I figured I would try this in 2014.  I honestly forgot about it until a co-worker emailed challenging us to save money for 2014.  She attached her version of two plans, one which looked VERY familiar:

52week save

And the other which was the same concept but you paid into the savings plan 10x the amount.  So week one you put in $10 and week 52 you put in $520 resulting in $13,780 big ones!  While it would DEFINITELY be nice to be able to save almost $14K a year it really isn’t feasible for most.  For the month of December alone you would need to deposit $2020!  Most of us don’t have that kind of extra money laying around and especially during Christmas time.  So plan A it is for me!

Now the way I look at it you can do this a few ways.  One way is obviously the original way listed above.  Another that my lovely girlfriend came up with during this discussion would be doing it backwards.  So on Week 1 you put in $52 and week 52 you put in $1.  Her reason being that in December it could still be tough for some to come up with an extra $202  during Christmas time.  So applying her theory for the month of December (doing it backwards) you need only deposit $10.  Brilliant!  Then I got to thinking some more and I realized well  for some people your week to week may not be all that consistent.  So another alternative could be that you just print the 52 Week Challenge out and every week commit to depositing one of those amounts.  So maybe this week  you can afford more than the $1 deposit but next week you can only do the $2.  Then maybe you should pick one of the larger amounts for this week and next week maybe just the $2 you are supposed to.  With this theory you can skip around the deposit amounts and scratch them out one by one but by week 52 you should only have one week’s deposit left to scratch off.  However you decide to skin this cat you should end up with $1378 in a savings account or for the few very fortunate people $13,780.  LOL

So I’m taking this challenge and I challenge you.  Save.  It pays to try it out…..$1378 to be exact.  🙂  And really who CAN’T use that???

NFL: Nonprofit Football League

NFL-LOGO-TiltedThank you Linda Woolard for bringing to my attention that the NFL, a $9.5 BILLION/year industry, pays NO federal taxes.  I was in disbelief as I read this information on a petition to change its status on  Are you kidding me?  So basically while budgets for schools and public services are gutted and while Louisana tax payers paid 1 BILLION dollars to have the Superdome renovated, the NFL pays NOTHING into the system.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.

Now please do NOT get me wrong.  I LOVE football and I LOVE my New Orleans Saints.  I bleed black and gold.  However, I think it’s tragic that this long overdo perk is still around.  It all goes back to when the NFL was up and coming, the government saw a reason to give it a leg up and helped it out with non-profit status.  That day is long gone and the NFL has thrived to become America’s richest sports league.  The NFL doesn’t pay a dime but reaps hand over fist of the money it refuses to pay into.

Just last year the Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell, took $4 million of tax payer money and handed it to the Washington Redskins for the team to upgrade a workout facility.  The Minnesota legislature took $506 million from its taxpayers (even though the state is facing a $1.1 billion budget deficit) to pay for a new stadium because the Vikings wanted it.  Washington State taxpayers provided $390 million for Seattle’s CentryLink field paying for well more than half of the cost.  Oh and let’s not forget to mention Jerry Jones would owe at least $6 million a year in property taxes for his stadium. Instead he got a sweetheart of a deal and doesn’t get a property-tax bill, resulting in Tarrant County having to  tax the property of average people more than it otherwise would.  And the list goes on and on and on.

Thankfully Senator Tom Coburn introduced a bill that would strip the NFL and other organizations from its tax exempt status.  He estimates such a move could generate 91 million dollars of federal revenue every year!   And we couldn’t use that money why??  The NBA and MLB gave up their right for non-profit in 2007.  It’s time the Nonprofit Football League follows suit.

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