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Miley- Its No Big Deal


Okay, let’s talk about it.  Let’s put all out in the open about Miley Cyrus.  Everyone is STILL talking about Miley.  Miley, Miley, Miley.  Her VMA performance, her nakedness, her tongue wagging and licking inanimate objects.  What has all this behavior produced? Non stop chatter about Miley.  Everyone is watching what she is doing.  Everyone is writing about her.  Everyone wants her interview.  Everyone is jumping to see the next video or hear her new lyrics.  She has accomplished EXACTLY what she strived to do which is be relevant.  How can you not see what she has done is hashtag GENIUS?

Her VMA performance was the topic of water cooler talk, radio stations, news, blogs, websites, social media, everything and anything for WEEKS.  And really it was NO BIG DEAL.  It was the MTV VMAs.  Not the Oscars.  Not the Golden Globes.  Not the Tonys.  The MTV VMA awards.  HUGE difference.  The television station that has been playing the videos of half naked woman twerking for decades and now there is a live performance of it and all of a sudden its taboo?  Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video has naked women all over it and was barely mentioned.  However, Miley is naked on a wrecking ball and for Christ’s sake let’s get the President on the phone.  How is this double standard even fair?   OMG did you see Miley backing it up and twerking on Robin Thicke or her rubbing her foam finger all over him?  Why don’t we talk about the MARRIED man who stood there and let it happen?  Double standard.  He easily could have walked away and sang by his audience.

And lets talk about Mr. Robin Thicke.  The same night the nation was up in arms about Miley’s performace Robin Thicke is at a VMA after party where he down right just about molests this girl in a photo op and it barely makes a ripple.  Robin ThickeThe MARRIED man that did not know there was a mirror behind him when the photo was taken gets to skate by while MILEY gets berated regarding her VMA performance.  How is that fair?  Hashtag double standard.

Miley’s performance was beyond smart, it was genius.  Genius because everyone is talking about her, her album is selling, her videos viral, and she is relevant.  Her 6 minute performance  generated her millions and people can’t get her name out of their mouths. What she did is no different then older artists in their generation filming their shocking videos and making their own documentaries, i.e. Madonna. It gets people talking. It keeps them relevant. It keeps people waiting on their next move. Genius.

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