After Summer Update

Well I’ve been gone for a while although not intentionally.  It was mostly because of writer’s block.  My pistons were completely frozen.  Nothing in the news I was reading would get my creative juices flowing, I had nothing that I felt I needed to discuss, and in the event that I did have something to post I felt like too much time had passed by to put it on Mad Pad.  Of course I’m more than sure I am over-thinking the latter of the three but I just feel I should talk about relevant/current topics.  I mean I am supposed to keep you guys’ interest.

Well our summer was pretty great.  We were able to get home a lot earlier every evening and not have to worry about assisting with studying, doing homework, running Raimee to practices or dance classes.  Raimee was in a new summer camp that she LOVED.   We had no traffic or long daily commutes to the Westbank.  We were able to do what we wanted not having to worry about a whole lot.  We got to spend a lot of time poolside which is absolutely my family’s favorite pastime.   We vacationed on the Carnival Dream for a week and had a fantastic time while meeting new friends (shout out Melanie and Kevin!)  It really couldn’t have been better.  But with every pastime that is a blast, the summer flew by and well ……. all good things come to an end.  *sigh*

But not all good things.  I FINALLY have something that has my Mad Pad pistons firing once again.  Finally something to post because sharing it here will be the closest I can get to shouting it from a proverbial mountain top. After 4 years of relationship bliss we are engaged!  SHE SAID YES!



Now I didn’t put that sentence all in caps because I thought she would say no or I was surprised.  LOL  It was more because I am so excited to be starting another chapter in our lives.    This is the relationship I always dreamed about having.   One of those relationships people looked at and thought “Wow.  I want that.”  Well we have that.  I found the person I was supposed to be with.  The person that completes me.  The person that comforted me when I was having the scariest moment I’ve experienced to date.  The person that I can tell my deepest secrets to without judgment.  The one that I can be the silliest form of me and she is silly right back.  I love that smile.  I love her.  She is my fairy tale ending.

And with this fantastical news the next year will be a busy one.  A busy one I’m definitely welcoming.   Lots to do and see.  Lots to research.  Things to plan and places to go all leading up to what will be the best day of my life where I can say I am married to Cristina Baudier.  *big sigh*  Yep.  I’m already secretly counting down the days.  🙂


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  1. awe i’m sooooo excited! love yall!

  2. My heart is FINALLY smiling!!! I love you, Woe… Cristina is a great addition to the family!!!

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