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Modern Day Spiderman


This picture is easily one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken.  Many times I have seen guys dangle outside like spider men to do a job not many would do.  Last year I was in my office and I saw this guy cleaning the windows outside and I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a picture to  post on my Twitter and Instagram accounts.  As I was about to snap the picture this guy waved and smiled which I thought was extra cool since I had actually thought this guy’s probably going to think “REALLY????” and go about window cleaning.  To my surprise I was greeted with a friendly wave and smile.

As I got to thinking about it I wondered how many pictures these modern day spidermen would have of themselves 29 stories up.  Unfortunately, I was too slow to catch him waving but was still in time to catch him smiling.  Through contacts in our building I was able to email someone at his company with the pictures.  Needless to say, Elio Maden had received the pictures and emailed thanking me as he never had a picture taken of himself from the other side of the glass.


Fire Crackers

This recipe is so yum.  Quick and easy with only 4 ingredients.   I can’t claim it though.  A friend shared it with me years ago.  (Shoutout to Angela Wilhoft!)  Good for a party, to make with a dip, or just to snack on plain which is generally how it’s made in our house.  When I do make them I have to bring a bag to my mom and one to my bro.  These definitely don’t last.

1 box of saltines

1 cup canola oil

3 tsp crushed red pepper

1 pkg Zesty Italian dressing mix

2 gallon sized ziplock bag

Mix oil, crushed red pepper, and pack of dressing mix together in a cup or bowl.  (I normally just do mine all in the measuring cup. )  Pour 2 sleeves of the saltines in one of your gallon sized bags.  Pour 1/2 of the mixture in and close the bag.  Use your hands on the outside of the bag to coat the crackers with the oil.  Repeat with second half.  In 5 minutes start to finish you are done!

You will want to go back to the bag every 30 minutes are so for the first few hours just to mix and flip.  (I always lay mine flat.)  Or I just do it as you’re passing by.  If you try the crackers right out of the bag they wont have that much of a flavor to them.  The longer they sit marinating the better the flavor will be.  I find it is best that you leave them for 24 hours before enjoying.   Also, I always find the second bag is better than the first.  Whereas the first bag is good as well, no matter how vigorously you mix the oil some of the seasoning just sits at that bottom and of course those seasonings land in the second bag.

Please note that the above picture is not taken by me.  Although those are Firecrackers, mine don’t normally have THAT much red pepper in it.  If you like a little spice but not your mouth in flames mine should be the right amount of kick.  🙂  Enjoy!

A New Beginning

20130926-212505.jpg Happy birthday, Mad Pad Experiment!  It’s day one and where do you start?   Somehow I’m already proud of this.  Proud of this space.  Where I can jot down my every mad thought.  Where I can regurgitate everything that bounces around this pinball machine of a mind.  That’s the best way to describe it.  I use that reference often- pinball machine  My mind is never still running a cool 200 MPH all the time everyday.  Tiring?  At times.  But after 35 years I’m used to it.  🙂

I’m the type of person that makes the effort to put down my iPad.  Otherwise I can be on it for hours on end.  Not playing games (although I do at times) but reading.  Reading nonstop, but not books.  My mind has this thirst for knowing as much as it can.  My curiosity is 100x as that of a cat.  I Google everything.  I have called myself the Research Queen.  How does this work?  What does this mean?  Googling people’s lives.  Googling history.  Events past and present.   Reading the news.  Reading until there aren’t any more articles and then moving on to the next site to read all of theirs.  I often stop myself from telling people I know about this topic already that they are discussing because I read about it weeks ago.  I don’t want to ever seem like the annoying know-it-all, but I did know.   I don’t know anyone’s curiosity that matches mine.  I mean I’m sure there are people but in my circle I don’t think anyone relates.  From the most interesting, complex topics to the silliest odd facts. Like did you know Mozart’s sister could’ve been just as famous and influential? Yep. She had to quit b/c she was a woman. Well now you know. 🙂

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